Although is a great site and a great place to find information about Star Wars, it is not the only Star Wars related website out there on the web. Here you can find links to some of the other sites our troopers use.

RL_Shadow_T_Front_2-whiteOfficial sites

The makers of Star Wars.

Star Wars
The official Star Wars homepage.

The makers of many of the Star Wars video games.

Star Wars: The Old Republic
The official site for the new online Star Wars roleplaying game.


C-3PO Builders
A site which helps you to build and design your own protocal droid outfit.

R2-D2 Builders Club

Star Wars
The helmet, armour and costume archive from the Star Wars galaxy.
The one place for tutorials and forums dedicated to Mandalorian costuming.

Recommended sites

Sci-Fi World
Home of the Scandinavian Sci-Fi, Game and Film Convention.

Threads of Destiny
A Swedish-made fan film featuring several members of Nordic Base. The film is still in production.