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Nordic Base Command Team

While all members of Nordic Base are of equal value, there are a number of administrative jobs that must be handled by specific people. The command team help keep Nordic Base functioning like the well-oiled machine it is.

You can always contact the Nordic Base command through

annaCommanding Officer

Anna Toftdahl-Olesen (Mara Jade)
Contact me with any general Nordic Base questions. Who we are, what we do, feedback about our events and members and so on.

tommiExecutive Officer

swamp-thing (Tommi Tulkki)
Contact me regarding events that will span multiple countries, any PR issues or if you would like to make a donation to our charity work.

johannaBase Membership Officer

Obi Anne (Johanna Nybelius)
Contact me with any questions about membership, how to become a member and general advice on how to find information about costumes.

Regional Captains

Each of the four countries that make up the Nordic Base has its own regional captain. Contact them about issues that concern one particular country.


Denmark – Anna Toftdahl-Olesen (Mara Jade)


Finland – Mark Liljeberg (vodobaas skywalker)


Norway – Jazz Rathore (Jedi.Dude)